Para Blaze for iPhone 4S/4

Para Blaze for iPhone 4S/4

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Fantastic case...very striking! Commentaire par Steven Flourish
Fantastic case...very striking!...ext-remely well made and comes in an excellent case!..if sexy sleek looks is what you want then this is the case for you! (Posté le 11/10/11)
This case is sexy! Commentaire par Nick Belcher
Got mine today..very speedy delivery thank you very much
This case is sexy!
I particularly like the rubberised feel and the metal edges are slick...I must admit more-thing really do come up with some real head turners.Luvin the presentation case..I may be ordering another for my brother's xmas pressie.Free screen protectors are also included. (Posté le 11/10/11)
Cool Commentaire par Lucas Olivieri
By far the most spectacular looking case I've ever had, It also provides the protection you want, without a lot of added bulk. Comes with 2 screen protectors - one mirrored, one regular. The case elevates the iPhone, if it's laying flat, by about 1mm, preventing scratches. It also elevates the bottom edge and the top edge. The metallic parts look amazing - a lot better than the pictures on this web site.

The Flash does not get affected by this case. Take all the pictures you want.

The only con I can think of - and this is knit picking - is that the corners are only half-covered, leaving the front half exposed.

I ordered THREE (one black, two white) from this web site. The service was excellent - very fast and reliable.

Fo-r more details, refer to my YouTube review:
http:/-/ (Posté le 11/10/11)

3 article(s)

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Para Blaze for iPhone 4S/4